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Cherry Blossom Care: Understanding The Basics

When I bought a house with a cherry blossom tree in the front yard, I couldn't wait for that first blooming season to see the tree fill out. I knew that the tree needed care, but I wasn't sure how I was supposed to treat it. I called my local tree service and had them show me what it needed to keep it strong. I took all of the information they shared with me and everything else I've learned and created this site. I hope that the information here helps you take care of your blossoming trees so that you can enjoy their beauty every season.

Moving A Sapling To A New Area Of Your Property

2 March 2017
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If you recently bought a new home, and you discovered there is a small tree in an area of your property that you would like to utilize, you will most likely want to look into having it moved if you wish to keep it thriving. Moving a sapling from one area of your yard to another can be done effectively if you take precautions in the timing and procedures used to do the job. Read More …