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Cherry Blossom Care: Understanding The Basics

When I bought a house with a cherry blossom tree in the front yard, I couldn't wait for that first blooming season to see the tree fill out. I knew that the tree needed care, but I wasn't sure how I was supposed to treat it. I called my local tree service and had them show me what it needed to keep it strong. I took all of the information they shared with me and everything else I've learned and created this site. I hope that the information here helps you take care of your blossoming trees so that you can enjoy their beauty every season.

Want To Reduce The Water Usage Of Your Yard? 3 Landscaping Projects To Tackle

18 May 2017
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Reducing the water consumption in your home can be a great way to take better care of the environment. Not only can reducing the water usage  in your yard be more environmentally friendly, but it can also help lead to lower bills for your water. With the benefit of cost saving and being more environmentally-friendly at home, you're likely curious about what kind of landscaping projects can help make a difference in your yard. Read More …

3 Reasons Why You Should Hire A Tree Service Professional

12 May 2017
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Do you have one or more trees on your property? When is the last time that these trees were pruned or trimmed? If you don't know the answer to the second question, it's probably time that they were trimmed back a little. Trimming trees can be essential to making sure that they are healthy and strong by removing crowded or diseased branches. Although this might seem like a simple process at first, there are a number of reasons why you should leave this to a professional. Read More …

Is A Paper Birch Tree Right For Your Yard?

18 April 2017
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When you look around your neighborhood, do you mostly see pine, maple, and oak trees? If you're thinking of adding a tree to your yard, why not go with something more unique? The paper birch is a unique species of tree that's sure to stand out among the pines, oaks, and maples. It has white bark that seems to peel off in sheets. Here are three signs a paper birch is the right choice for you. Read More …

Getting Help With Planting A Tree? Avoid Easy Mistakes Once The Upkeep Begins

11 April 2017
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Moving into a home with several mature trees is quite ideal because it prevents you from having to worry about the difficulties and risks that come with taking care of a tree in its youth. But, if you want to add to the collection of trees on your property, you may be ready to give one the care that it needs. It is best to get help from a tree service professional to pick out the right tree and plan its location. Read More …

Three Tree Trimming Mistakes To Avoid

3 April 2017
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Most deciduous landscape trees don't require heavy pruning once they are mature, but it can be a deadly mistake to think they need no trimming. Dead and damaged limbs can pose a health danger to the tree and falling hazard to you and your home. Avoid the following mistakes when it comes to trimming out problem branches on your tree to ensure it remains healthy. #1: Skipping the disinfectant Read More …