Cherry Blossom Care: Understanding The Basics

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Cherry Blossom Care: Understanding The Basics

When I bought a house with a cherry blossom tree in the front yard, I couldn't wait for that first blooming season to see the tree fill out. I knew that the tree needed care, but I wasn't sure how I was supposed to treat it. I called my local tree service and had them show me what it needed to keep it strong. I took all of the information they shared with me and everything else I've learned and created this site. I hope that the information here helps you take care of your blossoming trees so that you can enjoy their beauty every season.

7 Tree Trimming Tips For Beginners

10 August 2023
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Tree trimming, when done right, can enhance the health, appearance, and longevity of trees. However, when approached without the proper knowledge or preparation, one might unknowingly harm the tree or even create a safety hazard. If you're new to tree trimming, here are some crucial tips to help you sidestep common mistakes.  Over-Trimming: Less Is Often More One of the most frequent mistakes beginners make is removing too many branches, which can leave the tree weak and exposed. Read More …

Can And Should You Trim A Maple Tree?

17 July 2023
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Maple trees are different. In the late winter when most trees' sap is flowing slowly, maple trees are letting their sap flow to the max. That's why maple trees are usually tapped at this time. Their sap is collected and used to make maple syrup. So, how does this difference affect how maple trees should be trimmed? Take a look. When to Trim Maple Trees Most trees are best off being trimmed in late winter or early spring since their sap flow is low and they'll lose less sap from the cuts at this time. Read More …

3 Tree Removal Services You’ll Need When You Want To Get Rid Of A Tree In Your Yard

27 June 2023
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If you have a sick or damaged tree on your property, it's a good idea to have it removed before a limb falls and causes property damage or injures someone. Dying trees are hazardous since strong winds might snap off limbs or cause the tree to topple. A tree removal service can remove a tree so you're no longer threatened by it. Here are three important tree removal services needed to get rid of a tree in your yard. Read More …

Tree Removal Solutions: Ensuring Safety And Sustainability

13 June 2023
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Tree removal is a complex task that requires careful consideration to ensure safety and minimize environmental impact. Below are various tree removal solutions that professionals employ to address different situations. From assessing tree health to selecting the appropriate removal method and promoting sustainability, these solutions provide a comprehensive approach to tree removal. Assessing Tree Health and Risk Before proceeding with tree removal, it is crucial to assess the tree's health and determine if it poses any risks. Read More …

Can You Revive An Old Tree?

23 May 2023
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If one of your oldest trees looks like a withered stalk of celery, you may plan to uproot and get rid of the tree in the near future. Although some trees can take on the appearance of celery stalks as they age, the trees may still have some life left in them. You may be able to revive your old tree with a tree contractor's help. Learn more about old trees and how you may be able to revive your old tree below. Read More …