3 Signs It's Time To Consider Tree Removal

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3 Signs It's Time To Consider Tree Removal

26 July 2018
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Do you have a tree in your yard that's causing issues? Wondering if it's time to have it removed? It can be difficult to decide to remove a tree, especially if it's large or old. Trees provide shade to your yard and may enhance your property's aesthetics. If the tree is large, it may be difficult or even impossible to replace. You may be hesitant to remove the tree, even if it's not as healthy as it once was.

The truth is, though, that every tree has a limited life expectancy. Some trees reach a point where they can no longer be saved with treatments and pruning. Others become a danger for your yard and property. Below are a few signs that it might be time to remove your tree:

The upper part of the tree hangs over your home or building.

As a tree ages and the trunk weakens, you may notice the tree start to lean in one direction. It may even lean over your patio, home, or building. Perhaps it leans over the part of the yard where your children play. As you may know, this is dangerous. The trunk is already weak, so wind or any other damage could send the whole tree toppling over.

You may need to have the tree removed. However, it's possible that pruning could reduce the danger and still save the tree. A tree service could inspect the tree and provide a recommendation.

The tree is attracting pests and rodents.

Some trees are natural magnets for bugs and rodents. Others become more attractive to insects and animals as they get older. Either way, the attraction of these creatures could be a big problem. Insects may be a nuisance as you try to enjoy your backyard. Small rodents could use the tree for a home, or they may use it as a source of food if it's a fruit tree. If they're in your yard long enough, it's only a matter of time until they start exploring other parts of your property, including your home. The best solution may be to remove the tree.

The tree has invasive roots.

Trees have two types of roots: vertical and horizontal. Vertical roots are the primary nutrition source for the tree, and they grow straight down into the ground. Horizontal roots are secondary and can cause big problems on your property. They can grow into your home's foundation or even penetrate gas or water lines. If so, you could be looking at a major repair. A tree service can determine if the roots can be removed, but in many cases, it's helpful to simply remove the entire tree.

Unsure of whether your tree needs removed? Contact a tree service in your area. They can inspect the tree and offer their best recommendation, including alternatives to removal. 

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