3 Vital Reasons Why You Need A Tree Removal Service

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3 Vital Reasons Why You Need A Tree Removal Service

19 March 2018
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Do you have a tree that was almost completely destroyed in a winter storm? Have you been wondering how you're ever going to deal with a tree that is now more dead than alive? While unfortunate, it's not uncommon to discover that a favored tree has been seriously damaged or even partly destroyed by various weather phenomena. It's also common for homeowners to attempt to deal with the situation entirely on their own without hiring anyone to assist. While this may be possible with trees that have are still very small or young, it's certainly not a good idea for larger and more established trees. Some of the best reasons why this is the case include:

Saved time: Cutting up a tree of any size is something that can take a significant amount of time if you've never had to do it before. A tree that is only around one or two stories in height and with a small trunk diameter can take several hours or even an entire weekend to portion correctly. When you have a larger tree and with a trunk diameter that is more than six inches across, this is something that will take a significantly longer amount of time. If you hire a tree removal service to handle the task, not only are they trained to go faster but they also have multiple employees on every job, something that makes everything go even faster.

Increased safety: Dealing with a dead tree can be quite dangerous. Without the correct training, many people become injured by the power tools or by falls from the tree itself. Even if you avoid injury yourself, it's not uncommon for falling limbs and other tree debris to cause damage or injury to anything or anyone that happens to be below the tree. Fortunately, tree removal services are not only better trained than the average person, they also have access to and will use a wider array of safety equipment than the average person. This includes the use of a crane or a cherry picker when it is necessary to do so for safety reasons.

Saved money: While you might be able to manage to figure out how to get rid of a dead tree relatively quickly and safely from your yard, chances are good that this won't come cheap. The proper safety equipment and other tools can be extremely expensive. This doesn't even count the time that must be taken away from other chores or errands and that can cost money as a result (such as having to pay for grocery delivery instead of going out and getting the groceries yourself). But the cost of tree removal services is all-inclusive. All of their safety equipment and time-saving measures are included in the one price. Comparing this price to the cost of doing everything yourself should show significant savings when it comes to hiring the tree service.