3 Tree Removal Services You'll Need When You Want To Get Rid Of A Tree In Your Yard

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3 Tree Removal Services You'll Need When You Want To Get Rid Of A Tree In Your Yard

27 June 2023
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If you have a sick or damaged tree on your property, it's a good idea to have it removed before a limb falls and causes property damage or injures someone. Dying trees are hazardous since strong winds might snap off limbs or cause the tree to topple. A tree removal service can remove a tree so you're no longer threatened by it. Here are three important tree removal services needed to get rid of a tree in your yard. 

1. Cut The Tree Down

The first step in the project is to saw down the tree. If the tree isn't stable, the workers may need to bring in a crane to work on the tree. A tree is brought down by cutting from the top and sides first, so the workers need a way to reach the top of the tree safely. The bushy branches might be turned to mulch with a mulching truck they bring to the job site. The trunk is cut apart in big chunks and set aside. Unless the tree is huge or in a difficult location, cutting down the tree could be completed in a single day.

2. Haul Off The Debris

Another important aspect of tree removal is getting rid of the big tree chunks. It would be very difficult for you to dispose of big pieces of a tree yourself, so you'll want to make sure hauling off the debris is part of the job and has the cost rolled into tree removal costs. That way, you know upfront how much you'll need to pay.

The debris might be removed from your yard the following day. The tree removal service can lift the big pieces with heavy machinery and deposit them in a dump truck to be hauled away. When this is done, the only thing left of the tree is the tree stump.

3. Grind The Stump

Some tree removal services do stump grinding and others don't. If yours doesn't, you can find a stump grinding service to come to your home at your convenience and get rid of the stump. This involves the use of a stump grinding machine that uses a saw blade to chip away at the stump until it's all turned into wood shavings.

The company may remove the shavings or leave them for you to deal with. They are often used to fill the hole the tree left behind, but since they'll decay, you may want to add soil to the hole too so a depression doesn't form in your yard. When stump grinding is complete, you'll need to put sod or grass seeds over the area to cover it with grass. Once the grass is growing, you'll never be able to tell there was a tree in your yard.

Contact local tree removal services for more info.