Can You Revive An Old Tree?

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Can You Revive An Old Tree?

23 May 2023
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If one of your oldest trees looks like a withered stalk of celery, you may plan to uproot and get rid of the tree in the near future. Although some trees can take on the appearance of celery stalks as they age, the trees may still have some life left in them. You may be able to revive your old tree with a tree contractor's help. Learn more about old trees and how you may be able to revive your old tree below.

Why Do Old Trees Resemble Celery Stalks?

When some trees become very old, they lose some of their branches and limbs. The loss of foliage makes some trees look like tall celery stalks. For some homeowners, they think the best thing to do for their old trees is to remove them. While some old trees can eventually become too frail to survive on their own, you can revive other older trees with the right care.

As trees age, they lose some of the protective bark that covers their trunks. Bark prevents trees from losing moisture during the year. Bark also allows branches and limbs to grow healthy and strong. Old trees tend to lose most of their bark over time. The loss of bark makes older trees vulnerable to disease and insects. 

Unless your older tree leans to one side, contains large broken limbs, or appears discolored and weak, you can try to revive it. You just need to ask a tree service contractor to help you revive your tree. 

What Can You Do to Revive Your Old Tree?

A tree service contractor will be able to assess the condition of your old tree for you. The assessment:

  • helps determine the natural state of the tree
  • determines the root health of the tree
  • creates a care plan that revives the tree

If your tree's trunk is severely weakened by age, moisture loss, or disease, a contractor may suggest you move ahead with your plans to remove it. The tree may not respond well to treatment, such as watering and pruning.

If the tree's roots are still strong enough to support it, a contractor may create a care plan for the tree. The care plan may allow a contractor to:

  • water the tree at regular intervals to increase its moisture content
  • stake the tree to keep it upright and stabilized in the ground
  • inject the tree with medicines to destroy pathogens in the tree

A contractor may also suggest maintaining the tree's canopy, or top branches, to ensure it remains healthy after treatment.

If you want to revive your old tree, contact a local company like Pitts Lawn & Tree Service