Tree Trimming In The Winter Months?

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Tree Trimming In The Winter Months?

23 February 2023
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Can you schedule a winter-time tree trimming service? Even though the weather is chilly and the leaves have fallen to the ground, you don't have to ignore your trees. Take a look at what homeowners need to know about the winter season, weather, tree pruning, and other tree services.

What Are Trimming and Pruning?

Before learning more about the seasons and tree services, make sure you understand the basics of trimming and pruning. Even though trimming and pruning may seem like the same thing, these are two different tree services. Both services can promote healthy growth and add to the beauty of your trees. But the reasons behind each option and the type of service a pro performs are different.

A trimming service is the removal of excess branches. This helps to maintain the tree's size and overall shape. It also helps to thin the tree and allows sunlight to reach more of the newly grown branches. Unlike trimming, pruning does not include the removal of healthy branches. This service preserves the tree's health via the removal of damaged, dead, or diseased parts. While this will thin the tree (like trimming does), it is done for overall health reasons.

What Time of the Year Can You Trim A Tree?

You can schedule a trimming service at any time of the year. If it seems like the warmer months are ideal options, think about the advantages of a winter-time service. Without bushy leaves or blooms, a contractor can see the full tree. This allows them to choose the best branches to trim. It also means less mess under your tree for the pro to clean up and haul away. 

Along with these benefits, a winter-time trimming service removes unnecessary weight from your tree. This can save the tree from the added stress of a winter-time snowfall or icy coating.

What Time of the Year Can You Prune A Tree?

Like trimming, you can prune a tree any time of the year. Again, it's easier for the service pro to see the full tree when it's dormant (without leaves, flowers, or fruit) in the winter. This may make it possible for the contractor to find damaged or diseased easier than they would when your tree is in full bloom. 

Also like a winter-time trimming service, pruning can reduce the risk of snow and ice-related stress on the tree—especially if your tree has severe damage, disease, or rot. This decreases the likelihood of broken branches and can prevent additional damage to the tree or anything below it.