When Is It Worth Having Tree Stumps Ground Down?

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When Is It Worth Having Tree Stumps Ground Down?

30 January 2023
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Sometimes it's okay to just leave a tree stump to break down on its own over time. This will eventually happen; nature will take its course, and the stump will break down and turn into soil. There are, however, occasions upon which you want to have a tree stump ground down instead of just leaving it alone. Here are some of those occasions.

The tree that was removed was diseased.

Why did you have the tree removed? If you had it removed because it had brackets growing on it, yellowing and dying branches, or leaves covered in fungus, then that tree was diseased. Many of the fungal diseases that infect trees allow fungal spores to move into the inner wood. These spores can eventually develop into adult fungi, which shed their own spores, which get spread to neighboring trees. This can happen even once the tree is removed if you leave the sump behind. So, having the stump ground down is a smart approach here. The remnants of the stump can then be buried. This will help curtail the continued development and spread of the fungal disease. Doing so is a wise choice for the other trees in the neighborhood. Your neighbors will thank you for having had the stump ground down when their trees remain healthy.

The stump is in a place where people walk.

You'd be surprised how easy it is to trip on a tree stump. You only have to be distracted and look away for a second, and you might bump your toes on the stump and fall down. To prevent this from happening, it's best to grind down the tree stump. Not only will you be protecting yourself from falling, but you'll also be protecting anyone else who comes into your yard. This includes neighbors, guests, and workers.

If someone were to trip on a tree stump and get injured in your yard, your homeowner's insurance should cover their medical bills. But getting a claim approved can be a lot of hassle, and someone is still injured. 

If there is a "healthy" tree stump in an obscure corner of your yard, it's generally okay to leave it. On the other hand, if a tree stump is diseased or is in a bad spot, having it ground down is a wise choice. For more info, contact a tree stump grinding service in an area near you.