Tree Removal Services: The Risks Of Overlooking Damaged Trees

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Tree Removal Services: The Risks Of Overlooking Damaged Trees

6 January 2023
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Trees are crucial in supporting the surrounding biodiversity in your home. Additionally, trees will offer shade, break the wind, and boost your property's curb appeal. However, inclement weather, such as storms, can cause serious damage to your trees. Further, pathogens can thrive due to stress in a tree, spreading diseases that compromise its structural integrity. So, if you are dealing with such cases, call a certified arborist to assess the tree's condition and offer treatments to restore it. If not salvageable, they will get rid of the tree for your safety. Below are the risks of failing to remove damaged trees.

Risk of Injury to Yourself and Others

If a tree sustains damage from high-velocity winds or storms, it can become a safety hazard. This is because adverse weather conditions weaken and break the limbs, compromising the tree's structural integrity. Further, your trees become unstable, putting the branches at risk of falling and injuring anyone below. In addition, if your tree is close to property lines, weak limbs can fall and injure passers-by or your neighbor, resulting in personal injury claims.

Potential Damage to Property

Your trees may sustain damage from an ongoing construction project on your property. This is due to heavy machinery compressing the soil and damaging a tree's root system. As a result, the tree will become unstable, causing the limbs to fall on your property. Note that if you neglect to get rid of the tree, it may topple, leading to immense property damage. Moreover, although your insurer may compensate your losses from trees, they may not offer a settlement for damages if you were aware the tree was unstable and did not remove it. 

Spread Of Disease to Surrounding Vegetation

Stress factors such as adverse weather conditions may cause diseases in your trees, compromising their ability to absorb water and nutrients and suppressing their growth. Consequently, a sickly tree may spread disease to healthy trees, causing stunted growth and low yields in fruit-bearing trees. Further, contagious tree diseases can spread to surrounding plants, causing them to lose vitality.

Pest Infestation

Deep excavation near your trees can cause significant damage to the roots. Consequently, the excavator can rip the root system, damaging and exposing them to the ground. Note this leads to pest infestation on the roots when they begin to rot. Additionally, rodents may nest in the occurring tree cavities, increasing the chance of invading your house.

As you can see, damaged trees are dangerous when you fail to remove them on time. Therefore, you should engage an arborist to remove damaged trees from your yard for your home's safety.

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