Things You Didn't Know About Tree Trimming

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Things You Didn't Know About Tree Trimming

6 October 2022
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People are used to trimming their trees just to make them look better — and some just do it for the sake of it. Well, there is more to tree trimming than removing the excess branches. This article will provide insight into some things most people don't know about tree trimming. So, read on to learn more.

Helps Keep Pests at Bay

Pests and birds love nesting in trees with lots of branches. They know that the thick canopy will shield them from potential predators. As such, untrimmed trees always make good nesting spots for most pests. So, if you have been having a pest problem in your garden or backyard, you should use tree trimming as a control method. Most pests prefer to relocate once you have trimmed the shrubs and trees.

Help Your Trees Grow Stronger

As mentioned earlier, people trim their trees for aesthetic purposes. The truth is that trimming the trees can help them grow stronger. By cutting the unattractive and sickly branches, your tree will become healthy. In fact, the tree will dedicate its resources to other parts, encouraging the tree to become strong. At least the tree will no longer be vulnerable to pests, diseases, and storm damage when you keep it trimmed.

Tree Trimming Can Increase Property Value

Nowadays, most people like to have several trees spread across their property. And as you know, trees can improve the aesthetic of your property. Surprisingly, most folks would prefer to purchase a property with some trees. You'll get more value for the property if you keep the trees in good condition. Of course, that means trimming the trees yearly to keep them healthy and good-looking.

Tree Trimming Isn't a DIY Task

So many people don't take tree trimming seriously, so they do the task themselves. For starters, tree trimming is dangerous as it requires you to climb trees and cut down branches close to power lines. If you make a slight mistake, you risk being electrocuted. Moreover, you can easily fall off a tree and injure your back, neck, legs, or arms. 

So, if you care about safety, you shouldn't try DIY tree trimming. Instead, hire a tree trimming company as they know how to do their job safely. Besides, the professionals can achieve better tree-trimming results than you.

Tree Trimming Is an Annual Thing

Unlike what most people believe, tree trimming must be done consistently. Arborists require you to trim your trees once every year. So, don't assume that going for several years without trimming your trees is fine. Just ensure to do the trimming when the trees are dormant.