A Tree Stump Removal Process

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A Tree Stump Removal Process

24 August 2022
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When trees are removed from a parcel of land, the stump is often left intact. A client who wants their property cleared may decide to have a stump removed entirely. A stump grinder is used to remove a stump completely. 

The Benefits

Removing a stump will improve the appearance of a yard, prevent pest infestations that are a result of rotting wood, and prevent injuries that could occur from tripping over part of a stump. In addition, removing a stump can aid with selling a parcel of land.

A potential home buyer may be more receptive to purchasing a piece of property that does not contain any obstructions on it. Once a stump is removed, the area where a tree was once growing can have grass seed added to it. A new tree or an artificial lawn ornament can be added to the area where the trump was once located.

The Use Of A Grinder

A grinder is a machine that contains a rotating blade. The blade will spin as it cuts through the wood that comprises a stump. There are many different types of grinders that a tree company may use. These include grinder attachments that are designed to be secured to a skid steer, ride on grinders, and push behind models.

The size of a tree trunk could have a bearing on the size of the machinery that is used to cut through a stump. It is not advisable that a property owner tries to remove a stump themselves unless they have experience removing them. Removing a stump involves cutting wood into small pieces. As the wood is cut, pieces may become airborne. A tree company will employ tree servicemen and women who have been trained to use a grinder.

Protective goggles and gloves may be worn during the grinding process. Once the grinding is complete, a property owner can decide if they would like to use the small pieces of wood as mulch. If so, the wood pieces can be scooped up and spread around the roots of bushes, trees, and other plants.

If the wood is not going to be repurposed, it should be placed in a composting bin or a receptacle that is reserved for yard waste. The hole where the tree was once growing will need to be filled in. A property owner can purchase soil from a landscaping company and use it to fill in the indentation in the ground.

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