3 Guidelines To Follow When Removing A Tree To Install A Swimming Pool

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3 Guidelines To Follow When Removing A Tree To Install A Swimming Pool

6 July 2022
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Swimming pool installation contractors assess many factors before deciding whether the spot you have in mind is suitable for a pool installation. They could inspect the trees around your property and their root system to determine whether you have to cut down some. They can recommend removal because sometimes the roots grow under the pool floor, leading to cracks in the pool surface material. Removing a tree to install a pool is quite a complex process, so you should hire a removal expert. Here are some guidelines you should consider following during the process. 

Think About the Council Regulations

To start the removal process, you first must understand what your local government says. Most local municipal council regulations allow you to remove trees within the vicinity of an approved pool location. They will also allow you to remove a tree that is less than two meters away from the position of a proposed pool fence. The tree removal professional will create a report to give to the local authority, and you will get the permit to remove the tree within a short time. 

Book the Tree Removal Service

You should book a removal date after you have communicated with the council and they have permitted you to remove the tree from your property. Most experts recommend the removal of the tree before any digging for the pool happens. You should ensure you get the arborist to remove the tree at least one or two weeks ahead of the excavation schedule. Most professional tree removers will have several bookings, and you should book the service early enough. Speak to the arborist before creating an excavation schedule with the pool builder. Once the removal is complete and the ground settles, the pool installation can start.

Decide Between Grinding and Excavating the Stump

Decide whether you will grind or excavate the stump. If you choose to grind it, you will leave the roots intact, even though their chances of growing again are minimal. However, professionals recommend that you excavate the entire stump when it is located directly on the pool site. Your arborist and pool installation contractor should liaise and determine whether to uproot or grind the stump. 

These are a few guidelines to simplify the tree removal process when you want to install a pool in your backyard. Speak to tree removal experts and prepare your yard adequately before the pool project to guarantee the best results.