Protect Your Existing Landscape With Tree Removal Services

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Protect Your Existing Landscape With Tree Removal Services

10 June 2022
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When you look at your landscape, you may love everything you see. Ideally, you can continue with routine upkeep and seasonal maintenance to keep everything healthy. Problems may start happening when certain landscape features start causing problems for other ones.

A tree might begin causing health problems for nearby plants and features for various reasons. You can enjoy a permanent solution to this kind of issue by investing in tree removal services.


Some features are susceptible to damage from trees, such as a garden, fence, paved walkway, and retaining wall. A fence is at risk when tree branches grow into the fence with enough force to cause the fence to bend, buckle, or crack under pressure. The fence is also susceptible to structural damage when a tree's roots keep inching closer to the bottom.

All these features may be at risk for various reasons. Tree removal professionals can inspect problematic trees and their features to determine whether removal is the right solution.


Even though replacing plants may not be as costly as repairing or replacing features, you may still want to protect the existing landscape growth. Some bushes, flowers, or shrubs might be struggling to thrive because of the presence of a nearby tree. A possible situation is a tree casting too much shade in an area and preventing your plants from getting enough sunlight.

Tree roots can also grow towards plants and cause them to suffer or even die. Removing a tree will immediately impact the health of any at-risk or struggling plants.


While you might imagine trees causing problems for features and plants, you can run into issues with trees causing harm to other trees. For instance, you might have a slow-growing tree running into problems with a fast-growing tree in the area. These trees can compete for water and nutrients; you may know which one is winning when you inspect their health.

The tricky part is deciding which tree to remove because you may like both. You can keep the one you like most or prioritize the native one with a greater chance to thrive.


Losing a small portion of your lawn to tree root growth is usually not a problem. However, you might deem it an issue because your children and pets like playing in a large, open area. The roots can become an injury risk if your kids run around on the grass and trip over shallow roots. Removing a tree will protect the grass and help you maintain a large and safe play area.

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