Buying New Property And Have To Cut Down A Tree? What You Can Do With The Stump

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Buying New Property And Have To Cut Down A Tree? What You Can Do With The Stump

17 May 2022
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If you purchased a new property and have to cut down a tree, you are left with a stump behind. There are many things you can do with the stump, two of which are listed below.

Remove it

Removing the stump is the best option in most cases. This is especially true if the stump is near areas where you walk or children play. The tree service company that cut down your tree can remove the stump for you.

To remove a stump, they generally use an ax to cut away as much of the stump as they can. They then use a grinding machine to grind down the rest of the stump. They will cut roots if there are any to prevent the tree from growing again in another area of your yard. 

When the stump is removed you are left with a large hole. Fill this hole in with soil and then plant grass seed over it. Take a sample of your grass to a garden center to ensure you purchase the right type. Before you know it, you will never know a tree or stump was even there. 

Decorate It

If you do not want to remove the stump you can decorate it instead. Set a pot of flowers on top of the stump and plant flowers around the stump. Choose flowers that spread and cascade to make it look like you have a large mound of flowers, which will completely cover the stump. 

Some good cascading flowers to plant in the pot include impatiens, pansy, begonia, lantana, moss rose, and geranium. Some good annuals to plant around the stump include vinca, marigold, petunia, and zinnias. What you choose depends on how much sun the flowers need. You could also drill inside the stump to make a hole in the middle. Fill the hole with good, healthy soil, and then plant the flowers in the hole.

If you are the creative type, you can turn the stump into a natural chair, or turn it into a bird bath. You or someone else could sculpt the stump to make it look like something completely different, such as a wild animal. This is especially true if the stump is tall. 

The tree service company will tell you much more about stump removal to help you decide if you want to remove the stumps or keep them for your yard. 

Contact a stump removal service for more information.