Tree Trimming Services You May Need When Tree Branches Start Getting In The Way

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Tree Trimming Services You May Need When Tree Branches Start Getting In The Way

17 February 2022
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If you have trees growing in your yard, you'll probably need to call for tree trimming services occasionally. If the trees are small and you have the skill and knowledge, you might trim the lower branches off yourself. However, when trees get tall and branches get thick, tree trimming becomes dangerous, and you'll probably want to call a professional for help. Here are times when you may need to call for tree trimming services.

When Tree Branches Are Growing Over A Sidewalk

If the trees are on the city's easement, the city might be responsible for trimming back branches that bother pedestrians on a public sidewalk or that block the view of cars. However, when the trees are on your property, you might need to be careful about keeping them trimmed so you don't get in trouble with the city or aren't liable for injuries. If you're not sure who maintains trees on your easements, call the city or utility company and find out.

When Branches Hang Low Over Your Driveway

Branches that hang down so low that they scrape your car are a nuisance and they might even scratch your car. Plus, the low branches might drip leaves, pine needles, and sap on your car if you park under them. Another problem with low branches over your driveway is that the branches might keep your car and home hidden, and that creates a home security issue.

With the trees trimmed so the branches are high enough to see under, there will be fewer hiding places for intruders. One of the tree trimming services you may want is for the trimmers to cut away the lower branches on all the trees around your home that make it easier for criminals to work unseen.

When Branches Hang Over Your Swimming Pool

You may not want your swimming pool to be in the shade, or at least in shade from trees. While avoiding UV rays is nice, the shade might keep your water from warming up enough. Plus, leaves and tree debris will be dropping in your water every day, and that creates a lot of work keeping your pool clean. High branches can sometimes be problems too, but getting rid of lower branches that hang over your pool will make it easier to keep your pool sparkling clean.

When the tree care company, like Schulhoff Tree & Lawn Care, Inc., comes to your property, they might notice other tree trimming services you need that you hadn't thought of such as trimming trees before they reach power lines, trimming back trees so sunlight can reach your walkways to prevent algae growth, and trimming branches away from your roof.