When Do Trees Require An Arborist?

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When Do Trees Require An Arborist?

2 December 2021
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There are lots of landscaping companies that offer basic tree care services. They trim trees, and they might also fertilize or spray trees in some cases. Usually, you can use one of these companies to care for your trees. But sometimes, you need to call in someone who knows a bit more. That someone is known as an arborist. An arborist is a professional who has received specialized training to teach them how to care for all sorts of different trees. Here are some cases in which it's best to call an arborist rather than a general purpose landscaping company.

You have a rare, delicate tree.

If you have a really valuable tree that is not native to your climate, it's worth hiring an arborist to come take a look. They can let you know how much you should be watering the tree, whether it needs to be fertilized, when it should be fertilized, what trimming schedule to follow, and so forth. Adhering to their advice from the get-go will help keep your rare tree in good health as it grows.

Your tree shows signs of a fungal disease.

Most diseases that affect trees are caused by fungi. Signs of fungal illness include the following:

  • spots on the leaves
  • black holes on the trunk
  • losing leaves too early in the season
  • mushroom-like growths emerging from the trunk or major branches

Most fungal diseases are treatable, but the exact best treatment depends on the disease. Some are best treated with fungicide sprays, and others with injections. There are also multiple different fungicides to choose from. Having an arborist do this work is your best bet since they tend to know the most about tree diseases.

Your tree needs a lot of branches removed.

Your average landscaper can trim most trees. But if your tree needs to have a lot of branches removed, you should consider calling an arborist. Removing too many branches at once can be traumatic to a tree. An arborist will be better able to decide which branches to remove and how to remove them in order to keep the tree in decent health. They may also follow up with deep watering or some extra fertilization to help the tree recover from an extensive trim.

Not all tree trimming and care jobs require an arborist, but many do. It's important to know when to call a professional and who to call.