3 Reasons You Should Hire Professional Tree Trimming Services

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3 Reasons You Should Hire Professional Tree Trimming Services

1 July 2021
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Trees enhance the curb appeal in your home, but they do need regular maintenance. If trees aren't properly pruned, they overgrow, and the long branches could be potential safety hazards. In addition, when trees aren't properly maintained, they become vulnerable to diseases.

You should consider hiring a professional tree trimming service to avoid the common tree trimming mishaps that could occur if you do it yourself. Here are other reasons why you need to get a licensed tree trimmer.

Regular Maintenance

Creating a tree trimming routine is an affordable way of managing your trees, especially if you decide to prune during winter. If you wait until summer, the trees will be overgrown, and your yard will require extensive work to trim thick limbs. 

Should this happen, it may take you a while before you can get your trees back in shape. With regular scheduling, it takes less time to trim your trees at each appointment. This means you will lower your tree maintenance cost in the long run.

Enhanced Landscape

When a tree overgrows, it takes an awkward shape and becomes unappealing to the eye. The rotting and dead branches blot your landscape. If properly cared for, mature trees can improve your landscape. 

As your trees mature, trimming experts will cut off certain buds to change how branches grow. Terminal buds sprout at the tip of a shoot which causes the shoot to grow in length. These buds have growth inhibitor hormones that prevent other buds from growing along the shoot. When this happens, the tree is unable to create a thick leaf canopy. 

Once the terminal buds are trimmed, lateral buds along the shoot grow, and new horizontal branches thrive from the shoot. Skilled tree trimmers know the growth patterns and structural composition of various trees. They can help you get the desired tree shape and prevent congestion at the top of the canopy.

Insurance Coverage

Tree trimming is a risky task that may cause severe damage to your home. Your insurance may fail to cover any damages or injuries from a DIY tree trimming project. A tree trimming company has both liability and worker's compensation insurance. With liability insurance, any damages to your property are covered by the tree care firm. 

The worker's compensation insurance protects the tree service workers on your property and the homeowner. In case a worker gets injured working in your home, the company covers the liabilities. Besides insurance coverage, experienced tree trimmers conduct a thorough risk assessment before starting work to prevent possible accidents.

For more information about tree services, contact a local trimming company.