Signs That You Need to Hire Tree Removal Services

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Signs That You Need to Hire Tree Removal Services

27 May 2021
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Healthy trees in your yard can help improve the aesthetics of your property. Additionally, the trees provide shade, making it possible to enjoy the outdoors on sunny days. Trees also act as windbreaks and protect your home against wind damage. Most importantly, tree roots hold the soil together, preventing erosion. But, since trees are living things, they'll eventually die; hence the need for tree removal services. However, knowing when to call a tree service can be challenging, especially if you're dealing with trees for the first time. Here are signs that you require tree removal services.

Your Tree is Dying

You need to maintain your trees by watering, fertilizing, and doing pest and disease control. Despite these tree maintenance efforts, you may notice that your tree is growing weak, leading to drooping and falling off of leaves. As a result, your trees may no longer look attractive. Remember that dead trees can also collapse anytime, or their branches can fall off easily, posing a risk of injury and property destruction. Hence, contact a tree removal service immediately before the dying tree falls.

Your Tree Has Rotting Roots

Tree roots are vital as they absorb soil nutrients and water, which are essential for the growth of a tree. Additionally, the roots hold the tree firmly into the soil. If you notice decay of the roots, that's a sign that you need tree removal services. That's because rotten roots aren't strong enough to support the tree, and it can collapse at any time. Besides, rotten roots can't take up water and minerals, and your tree will soon die of starvation.

Your Tree is Growing Close to Your House

Tree roots are strong and hardy and grow fast in search of water and nutrients. That said, the roots can grow through rocks, hard soils, and cement. And if the trees grow too close to your home, the roots can grow through your home's foundation, compromising your home's integrity. However, determining a safe distance for your trees to grow can be difficult. Therefore, you should regularly call tree services to check your trees' growth pattern and limit the extension of the roots. But if the experts can't manage the root system, having your tree removed is the best decision.

Signs that you require a tree removal service include a dying tree, rotten roots, and a tree that's growing too close to your home. When you see these indicators, you should remove the tree from your yard.