4 Ways To Take Care Of Your Trees This Autumn

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4 Ways To Take Care Of Your Trees This Autumn

22 October 2019
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Just because the leaves are falling outside doesn't mean it is time to step back from taking care of your trees. In the autumn, you need to make sure that you treat your trees right so that they will thrive next spring when the nice weather comes around again.  

Don't Prune Your Trees 

Many people incorrectly think that fall is the right time to prune their trees as the leaves are falling off the trees. However, this is incorrect. Pruning in the fall is really harmful for your trees. In the fall, your trees are trying to store up their energy for the dormant period.  

When you cut your trees in the fall, as your trees are entering their dormancy period, your trees are not able to recover from your pruning. The wound from pruning your trees will not be able to heal, which makes your trees more vulnerable to both infections and diseases.  

The only pruning you should do in the fall is of dangerously damaged or dying branches. All other pruning should be saved for the spring. A tree trimming service can tell you the right time to prune your trees. 

Clean up the Leaves 

Don't leave the leaves gathered around the ground by your trees. Instead, you should rake up and remove the leaves that gather right around your trees. Just letting the leaves gather up around the base of your tree creates the perfect environment for both diseases and fungi to develop.  

You don't have to rake up all the leaves in your yard. You can also mulch the leaves up in your yard as well.  

Keep Watering 

Next, you need to make sure you water your trees, especially the young ones. You want to really water deeply so that the water will penetrate deep into the ground and get your roots ready to reach down deep into the soil for the moisture that it needs. Water slowly and for an extended period of time, and try to water around the entire base of the tree. 

Protect Your Trees with Mulch 

Finally, you are going to want to protect your trees with mulch. Place mulch around the base of your trees and make sure the mulch is at least a couple of inches thick. The mulch will help insulate the soil, provide fertilizer, and protect your tree during the harsh winter months.  

When it comes to taking care of your trees this autumn, avoid the impulse to prune your trees, clean up the leaves around the base of your trees, keep watering your trees deeply, and protect the base of your trees with mulch. Speak with a tree service like Big Tree Nursery if you have any questions about how to take care of your trees.