4 Tree Removal and Property Care Tips

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4 Tree Removal and Property Care Tips

18 September 2019
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Trees can be a valuable addition to your property, but they can also be a hazard. Therefore, good care and routine tree trimming are important. There are also times when you may need to remove trees that are a danger to property and vulnerable to fire damage. The following tips will help you know when trees need removal or trimming to keep your property safe: 

Problems with Damage to Your Foundation Caused by Tree Roots That Are Too Close  

The foundation of your home is vulnerable to damage due to trees, but you may want shade during the summer months. Therefore, you want to make sure that trees are planted a safe distance away and protect the foundation with solutions like a root barrier system that prevent the roots from growing too close to the structure.  

Protecting Your Home and Utility Lines by Trimming Tree Canopies That Are Too Close  

The tree canopies that provide your home with shade during the hot summer months can also be a problem for your roof and utilities around your home. Make sure to regularly trim the tree canopies to prevent debris from falling on your roof and allow sun through the canopy to reduce problems with moss and lichen growth.  

Removing Trees That Are a Hazard of Falling on Your Personal Property and Causing Damage  

The trees around your home can be a valuable addition to your property, but there are some types of trees that can be a hazard because they are at risk of falling during severe weather. These trees include pines and other evergreens that grow tall and have weak root systems. You will want to remove any of these hazardous trees that are too close to your home.  

Removing Brush and Thinning Forested Lands to Protect Your Property from Wildfires  

If you live in any area that has dry summer weather, you want to be aware of the risks of trees and brush that are too close to your home and not cared for. Therefore, you want to remove any brush around your home and thin the trees of forested lands to reduce the fire risks during the summer dry season.  

These are some tips to help you know when you need to have trees cared for to protect your property. If you need help with tree pruning, contact a tree service for help with trimming the trees around your home.