Finish Your Yard With A Stump Removal Service

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Finish Your Yard With A Stump Removal Service

17 July 2019
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Do You Need A Tree Removed?

Beautiful outdoor spaces can be exciting to design and create, but can come with large obstacles. Trees can sometimes cause problems that make them unworthy of keeping. There are many reasons homeowners decide to have a tree removed from their property. The declining health of the tree is a common cause, but there are a lot of cosmetic and safety reasons, too. Many people have smaller yards and want to have an unobstructed area to entertain as they desire. Tree roots found underground can make a big headache for homeowners and their neighbors. Driveways, patios, sidewalks and pools can have concrete pushed up and crack due to the growth of these vast underground structures. Depending on the size of the tree, having it cut down can be a huge undertaking. It is best left to a professional in order to protect you and your property.

Don't Forget the Stump

 After paying to have the tree chopped and hauled away, you are left with a stump that still leaves a huge eyesore in the yard. The ground around the stump will have a mess of roots that push up dirt making it impossible to have that picturesque flat lawn that people dream of. Did you know that leaving a stump behind can even allow for new growth? The trunk that is cut will be dead and gone, but new tree sprouts can grow by connecting to the base and the network of roots. Tree stumps can be a tripping hazard for homeowners, especially those with elderly family members or young children. Finding a stump removal service is a great place to start. 

What to Expect from Stump Removal Services

The stump removal service will come and survey the area to help you get a better idea of what the removal process will entail. It may be surprising to learn how deep and wide of a space this removal will affect. The tree service will make note of the equipment and tools that will be needed for the size of the job and the accessibility of your property. You shouldn't have to remove fencing or worry about your lawn being torn up during this process. There are stump grinders and tractors with attachments that remove the stumps by pulling them out with chains. As the stump and roots are removed, holes in the ground should be filled so your ground is as flat as possible. After the service hauls away the stump and root mess, your property will have a clean slate and be ready for whatever new plans you have. Find a tree stump removal service in your area today so you can make your landscaping dreams come true.