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Time To Remove Your Tree

11 December 2018
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Homeowners face a lot of important decisions regarding their property, one of the most important of which is when to remove a tree. Having trees in your yard has definite benefits, such as offering shade in the summer and making your property more attractive overall. Sometimes, however, a tree must be cut down to avoid having it fall and cause damage. Here is a closer examination of this issue.


Of course, you do not want a dead tree in your yard. A dead tree is much more likely to topple than a live one. If you are wondering whether a tree is dead or alive, then examine the tree closely and look for any buds or new leaves. These are signs that the tree is still alive.

If you do not see any buds or new leaves, perform one final test to be certain. Take a small knife and scratch off a little of the outer layer of the tree's bark. Do this at several spots on the tree. Look at inner layer of bark underneath the outer layer. If the inner layer, which is called the cambium layer, is green, then the tree is alive. If it's brown, the tree is dead. One you determine that a tree is dead, it's time to get it removed.


Trees lean one way or the other for several reasons and it is often difficult to tell if a leaning tree presents any danger. For example, a tree that gradually start to lean in the same direction that the wind blows is generally not a cause for concern. A tree that suddenly begins to lean precipitously as a result of a storm, however, need to be checked by an expert to determine if removal is needed.

If you notice that a tree's lean is getting worse and it starts to look unbalanced or the tree's roots are being exposed, then you need to have the tree checked by a professional in these situations as well.


A diseased tree often needs to be removed, as the disease can spread to other trees in your yard. Watch for signs of disease in your trees, such as fungi or mushrooms growing on the trees, as well as soft or rotted wood. Other signs include leaf discoloration and dead branches.

Ultimately, only a expert can tell your if a tree is a candidate for removal. To learn more, contact a tree removal service in your area.