Having A Large Tree Removed? How How To Deal With The Tree Afterward

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Having A Large Tree Removed? How How To Deal With The Tree Afterward

13 April 2018
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Do you need to cut down a tree on your property? If so, you may be wondering what to do with the tree once it is gone. There are several options for getting rid of the wood or using it in creative ways.

Make Wood Chips

One method for recycling that old tree is to have it turned into wood chips. They can easily be used for covering the ground around your home, such as in garden beds or to create a slop around your foundation.

You do need to keep some things in mind when putting the tree through a wood chipper. First of all, remove the leaves from the branches, since they will easily rot when mixed in with the wood chips. You can also separate the large branches from the small ones, and then throw in the wood chips again from the large branches. This helps cut down the size of the wood chips, so they are uniform in size.

Grind Down The Stump

Removing the stump of the tree can be difficult, especially if it was a very large tree. Not only do the roots often spread deem underground, but the soil will lack the nutrients necessary to plant anything in its place.

A creative idea is to grind down the stump and use it for a flower bed. You can do this by hollowing out the center of the tree and using it like a big pot filled with potting soil. You may end up liking the look so much that you decide to keep the tree stump flower bed or remove the stump completely once the ground has recovered its nutrients. You can then plant over the spot with grass seed.

Create Landscaping Material

The wood left behind from some species of trees, such as cedar or oak, can be great when used outdoors. For instance, branches can be cut into smaller pieces that are used to border a flower bed. The key to doing this is to remove all the bark from the branches, which will delay how fast the wood decays. It also exposes the wood so that you can seal and protect it from the rain.

With these tips in mind, you'll now have some creative uses for the leftover wood from removing a tree. For help with the actual tree removal process, contact a local tree service company in your area.