Preventing Stumps From Re-Growing Without Actually Digging Them Out

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Preventing Stumps From Re-Growing Without Actually Digging Them Out

20 December 2017
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The best way to prevent a stump from sprouting new growth is to dig it out, as well as all its major roots; this works because there will be no stump to sprout anything. However, digging out the stump isn't the only way to prevent re-growths; here are other methods that may work just as well:

Use Chemicals that Hinder Growth

Chemicals that hinder the growth of trees are generally called herbicides. There are commercially manufactured herbicides as well as homemade ones that you can fashion from the chemicals you probably already have at home. Examples include things like potassium nitrate, rock salt, Epsom, and many others. In most cases, you need to drill holes into the tree stump and fill them up with herbicides.

Burn Up the Stump

Another practical method is to burn down the stump. If the stump is dry, you can drill holes in it, fill them with kerosene and let the fuel soak in the wood for some time, and then burn it down. If you have some firewood, however, you can just cover up the stump with them and set them on fire. The fire may not burn down the stump up to the roots, but it can stop it from re-growing.

Cut the Stump Below the Ground Level

Another method is to around the stump, not to pull it out, so that you can cut it below the ground level. This method is particularly feasible if the stump is a single one and it goes straight down. Dig around the stump, cut around it, and then fill the hole with the soil you removed while you were digging around it.

Cover Up the Stump

Covering up the stump may also work because it denies it sunshine, and trees need sunshine to grow. This may involve cutting down the stump as close to the ground as possible and then covering it up with a black sheet of plastic or polythene. It may take longer than other methods, but it will stop the stump from growing.

Grind Down the Stump

Lastly, you can also take the conventional route of grinding down the stump. You can hire a tree removal company for the job or hire a grinder and do it on your own. You will need to clear the area around the stump and then cut it as close to the ground as possible before grinding it down.

The best way to ensure that your stump won't re-grow is to have it removed. Contact tree removal companies in your area for a quote.