Want To Attract Bats To Your Yard? 3 Reasons To Rely On Tree Services

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Want To Attract Bats To Your Yard? 3 Reasons To Rely On Tree Services

27 June 2017
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Bringing bats into your yard can be a great way to drastically cut down on the number of mosquitos and other bothersome pests you see when spending time outdoors. If you're planning on spending more time outdoors and would like bats to call your yard home to cut down on pests, it's a good idea to look into what kinds of changes you can make to your yard to attract them. Since bats will find a home in trees, it's best to contact a tree service company for the following services which can make your yard more appealing to any local bats.

Trim Down Any Weak Branches

If you want to install a bat house and have bats spend more time in your yard, it's vital that you get any weak branches moved ahead of time. It can be hard for you to detect exactly which branches should be removed and even difficult for you to climb onto a ladder and remove them yourself. Bringing in a professional can help ensure that you're able to take care of removing weak branches and that your tree is in good health.

Make Sure the Trees Can Support a Bat House

One reason that you'll want to bring in professionals to inspect the trees on your property is to determine if the tree can probably support a bat house. Since bat houses are typically wooden and can be quite heavy depending on their size, it's important that your tree is checked out to ensure it can handle the weight of the bat house. It could be frustrating to get a bat house installed, only for it to fall loose due to you not making sure that it's durable enough to hold the that house. Along with checking if the tree can support the weight of a bat house, a tree inspection can also help ensure that there are no diseases or other problems with your trees that might make them a bad candidate.

Assistance with Hanging the Bat House

In order for your bat house to hang an appropriate height, you'll likely need to climb onto a ladder and handle the installation of it. This can be dangerous for you or you may not have the proper supplies to do so. With this in mind, you can look into having a tree care professional that can help get your new bat house installed without any effort on your behalf.

As you compare your options for installing a bat house, you will quickly become familiar with which benefits come with hiring a tree service professional, like the ones found at http://www.chudytreeservice.com, to take a look at your trees.