Just Planted Your Own Trees? Hire A Tree Company To Check The Progress

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Just Planted Your Own Trees? Hire A Tree Company To Check The Progress

25 May 2017
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Becoming a homeowner and having an entire landscape to shape the way you want is exciting. Some projects are challenging such as installing an irrigation system that takes up your entire yard. But, you can take on easier tasks with confidence such as planting trees in various locations. It is important to know that in the early stages, there are a lot of things that can make it difficult for a tree to grow healthily. So, you should hire a tree company to inspect your landscape and most importantly, look at the trees.

Analyze the Planting Situation

One of the first things they will look at is the planting of the trees. For instance, they want to know that each tree was planted in a place that has an excellent chance of growing without a problem. Also, they will provide you with valuable information on the trees that you decided to plant in the yard. It is possible that you chose a tree based on how it looks without thinking too much about the climate, but this could lead to some growth issues when the weather gets too hot or too cold for the tree to handle. A tree company may have some suggestions such as wrapping the trunk in burlap to provide warmth in winter.

Help with Watering Needs

The proper watering of a tree is essential in its youth. While the directions on a tree might tell you to water a certain amount each day or every other day, this will likely not take the climate into consideration. Fortunately, tree service professionals will know how much water the tree needs and be able to compare it with the climate and how much rain and sun it gets to come up with an accurate watering plan.

Add to the Surrounding Area

Growing a tree takes many years to see it reach maturity. You can make this process both faster and easier by incorporating mulch around each tree. Some benefits that you should expect include reduced water evaporation and less competition for the tree to deal with from plants that are nearby. A tree company can provide you with several options to choose from for mulch and put it around the tree properly. If you want to do some landscape work on your own, you can always have them put mulch around a single tree and then you can do the others by yourself by looking at what they did and following their advice.

Bringing a tree company to your home will help you incorporate new trees with great success. For more information, you will want to contact a company such as Souliere & Son Tree Specialists.