3 Ways To Keep Your Property Tick Free

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3 Ways To Keep Your Property Tick Free

23 May 2017
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When summer time arrives and you are looking to spend more time outside, you need to be certain that you are aware of ticks. Ticks carry a number of health risks, so you need to take this matter seriously. One of the ways you can take action against ticks is to reach out to a tree service or pest control professional who can spray and treat the potential problem areas in your yard. This way, you'll have peace of mind every time that you are outdoors. To learn a little bit more about tick control, focus on the following factors. 

#1: Find the assistance of a company that provides tick spraying

The first thing you need to do is research the variety of outdoor pest control professionals, like Greenwood Tree Experts, who can handle tick spraying. This should be a routine application that will protect you and your outdoor property for a long period of time. Ask them what sort of products they use and be sure that you get some referrals from people who have used them for their tick control services in the past. Getting outdoor insect control can cost you somewhere between $50 and $529, depending on the size of your yard and application required.

#2: Do your part to keep the ticks away

In addition to getting in touching base with pest-control professionals, you need to make sure that you do all you can to keep ticks out of your yard on your own terms. Cleanliness is the most important factor to keep in mind, so if you have any sort of junk cluttering your yard, this is the potential breeding ground for ticks and other insects. You can purchase some insect control sprays from your local hardware store to provide your own application if you are dealing with mild tick issues. Further, make sure that you fence the perimeter of your household or have a professional do so, so that you discourage tick-carrying wildlife from entering your yard throughout the summer.

#3: Modify your outdoor habits

If you want to be comfortable spending time outside, you always need to be aware of the potential for ticks — even after a pest-control application. Invest in a quality bug spray that is intended to keep ticks from biting you. Make sure that you wear clothing that discourages these bites and always check yourself for ticks whenever you go back into the house after a long day outside.

Think about these tips so that you can keep your property tick free.