Want To Reduce The Water Usage Of Your Yard? 3 Landscaping Projects To Tackle

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Want To Reduce The Water Usage Of Your Yard? 3 Landscaping Projects To Tackle

18 May 2017
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Reducing the water consumption in your home can be a great way to take better care of the environment. Not only can reducing the water usage  in your yard be more environmentally friendly, but it can also help lead to lower bills for your water. With the benefit of cost saving and being more environmentally-friendly at home, you're likely curious about what kind of landscaping projects can help make a difference in your yard. In order for your yard to look great and use less water, consider hiring a landscaping service, like Greatland Tree Service, and look into implementing the following projects at home.

Replace the Grass Lawn with an Alternative Material

Grass lawns can look nice and are the traditional choice for groundcover in your yard, but they can use a ton of water and require a lot of additional maintenance. From needing to mow the lawn to using fertilizer and weed control, you should look into other options that consume less water. One great way to do so is through replacing the grass with an alternative, such as gravel. If you still love the look of grass, you can opt for synthetic grass instead. With how realistic synthetic grass is, you can still have the look you want without concerns over water usage.

Choose Drought-Resistant Plants

Reducing the water your yard needs doesn't need to mean giving up on landscaping with plants altogether. Shrubs, flowers, and other plants can still be added to your yard if you look for more drought-resistant plants. Drought-resistant plants can still look nice in your yard and will be a much nicer option in terms of how much water your yard uses.

Get a Water Barrel Installed to Collect Rainwater

Another way to be more environmentally friendly with your water usage in your yard is to have a water barrel installed. In many cases, a water barrel can help to collect water when it rains and prevent the need to use any other water for plants in your yard. This can make a big difference, since you won't need to rely on sprinklers or any other sources to keep everything green and healthy in your yard.

As you prepare for sprucing up your landscaping with a focus on cutting down ypur water usage, you can keep the above tips in mind and make a big difference. Getting a landscaping contractor involved can help ensure that the results look great and that you'll be happy with the reduction in water usage.