It's Time You Say Goodbye To Your Tree In These Situations

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It's Time You Say Goodbye To Your Tree In These Situations

30 March 2017
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The average homeowner probably isn't too eager to have one of the trees in his or her yard cut down. Trees provide a pleasant amount of shade, offer privacy from your neighbors, and can serve as a source of entertainment for your children. However, there can come a time that it's necessary to get rid of one of your trees. This isn't a job for the amateur — instead, to ensure that the tree is cut down safely, you should plan to hire a tree removal service in your community. As experts, the crew will remove the tree properly and leave you with the stump cut down to ground level. Here are three situations that call for a tree to be removed.

It Moves Too Much In High Winds

It's a highly unsettling feeling to be inside your home on a windy day and watch a tall tree in your yard swaying back and forth several feet. Even if the tree is alive, there's always the possibility that one of its heavy upper limbs could snap off and crash through the roof or side of your home. If this were to occur, it's possible that the incident could result in a serious injury for one of your family members. It's likely time to call a tree service — especially if your area frequently experiences high winds — to alleviate this concern.

It's Leaning Beyond Your Property Line

If one of your trees grows at the edge of your property and has leaned over to your neighbor's yard, this may be a reason to have the tree removed. Granted, if your neighbor doesn't mind the tree's shade and presence, the tree may be fine to leave in place. However, if the neighbor has complained that the branches are obscuring his or her view of creating work in the form of raking leaves, you're probably better off removing the tree — after all, because it's on your property, it's technically your responsibility.

It's Creating Too Much Shade

Shade over your property is often seen as a positive thing, but you may encounter a situation in which your tree provides too much shade. If the tree's branches are keeping the roof and siding of your home in shade, moss and mildew may grow prolifically. In addition to harming the visual appeal of your home, moss on the roof may prematurely wear out your roofing shingles. In this scenario, having your tree company remove the tree — or, where possible, simply trim away some branches — will be an asset.