Top 3 Signs That Your Tree Is Unhealthy

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Top 3 Signs That Your Tree Is Unhealthy

13 March 2017
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Do you own a property with one or more large trees on it? Do you know how to properly care for those trees? For many people, trees are something to be left alone most of the time. Unfortunately, without proper care, a tree's lifespan may be much more limited than it might have been. Here are some of the most important things that you need to look for with your own trees:

Rubbing or crowded limbs: Trees don't always grow in a manner that's good for them. They may grow too many limbs or branches in an area, which can cause problems later. Too many limbs in one area can result in parts of the tree rubbing against itself. When this happens, the resulting wounds can allow diseases to infect the tree. If the rubbing is very severe, the tree may effectively wind up cutting through one of its own limbs. Fortunately, your local tree services have professionals who have been trained in spotting potential issues like this. They'll be able to trim or prune your tree back into a much healthier shape and size.

Mushrooms and other types of fungus: Although there are some parasitic growths that don't actually harm a tree, it's usually bad news to see mushrooms or other fungus growing on your tree. Most mushrooms won't colonize living wood, so their presence means that at least part of the tree has already died and, potentially, more will die in the future. Most other types of fungus that will grow on living wood will eventually cause that wood to die. Your local tree services will have people who can identify the types of growths on your tree, letting you know whether they're benign or if they're actually something that you need to be concerned about. 

Insects: As with fungus, a healthy tree typically won't be bothered by wood-eating insects like termites or carpenter ants. An infestation of either of these can mean that your tree is dying or may be nearly dead already. Unfortunately, it's not always easy to spot an infestation until it's too late. One way that you can tell that there may be something going on with your tree is if local woodpeckers suddenly grow very interested in your tree. Woodpeckers have a keen sense of hearing and smell, both of which they use to detect insects living within a tree. If multiple woodpeckers start visiting and drilling holes in your tree every day, it's time to call in a tree services professional for an assessment.

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