Four Practical Ways To Repurpose Tree Stumps

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Four Practical Ways To Repurpose Tree Stumps

13 March 2017
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Do you know that removing a tree and removing its stump are two different projects? When budgeting for a tree removal, you need to specify whether you also need the stump removed since they will be charged differently. Alternatively, you can just remove the tree and repurpose the stump for other uses. Here are a few ways of repurposing tree stumps:


A sizable stump will make a perfect planter. First, however, you need to chip away at the center of the stump to make the planting hole. A sharpened mattock can do the job perfectly; just remember to wear safety glasses and gloves for the job. Next, drill a sloping hole through the back of the stump for drainage. Lastly, fill up the hollowed-out area of the stump with gravel and compost and plant your flowers.


Stumps can also be used to make different types of outdoor furniture such as benches, stools, tables, and chairs. The type of furniture you can fashion out of a stump depends on its size and your creativity. For example, for a simple stool, all you may have to do is to smooth out the top of the tree stump. Of course, any of these creations will only be possible if the tree wasn't cut too close to the ground. Therefore, inform the tree removers of your intention, and even the height of the stump you want, before they begin working.

Garden Decorations

Here again, your creations will only be limited by the size of the stump and your creativity. For example, if you have faith in your sculpturing abilities, you can create a recognizable figure (such as an animal) out of your stump. Or you can just hire a landscaper to trim, smooth, and paint the stump and have it as an abstract piece of art in your yard.

Fire Pit

Lastly, you can also repurpose your tree stump into a fire pit if it is large enough. Just like in the case of a planter, you need to chip away the center of the stump to leave a hollowed out part that you can use for building a fire. You can then line the hollowed-out part with rocks or use a metal covering on it to prolong the life of your fire pit; otherwise, it will soon burn to the ground.

Don't forget that you can always contact a tree removal service later to get rid of a repurposed stump if it deteriorates or you change your mind.